Is your jersey receiving the quality it deserves ?

You've worked hard to earn those prized jerseys,  so to ensure they last and look the way they deserve to look it's important to ensure they are mounted and framed correctly.

When looking into getting a Jersey or Sporting memorabilia framed there are a couple of questions to ask yourself. Do you want it framed cheaply or framed properly?  If the first is your choice than anyone will do.  If it’s the second here are a few tips to ensure you are getting what you pay for. 

Ask your framer

  • Do you stretch and staple around MDF board?

MDF is full of acids and chemicals used during the manufacturing process.  Not only will it degrade the quality of the job over time but it also has the potential to damage your jersey permanently. 

  • Do you use staples to position and anchor the jersey?

Staples are metal.  Exposed to moisture, which is almost inevitable, they will rust leaving your jersey with ugly and damaging rust stains.  Staples by design pierce your garment leaving holes.  They will also corrode and give way leaving you with a repair bill.

This is NOT what your jersey deserves!

This is NOT what your jersey deserves!

  • Are all items mounted with minimal/ no damage?

It IS possible to have your jersey mounted and framed without permanently damaging the garment.  Do not compromise on this fact

  • Are all the supplies you use of archival quality and made for purpose?

All mats, frames and backing’s should be acid free and of a high quality to ensure the longevity and presentation of your item.

Jersey/Memorabilia framing can be expensive due to amount of work that goes into doing the job properly. All items should be mounted within the frame in a manner that does not damage the item (if possible).

A cheap way to frame a jersey is to use a low profile frame and sandwich the jersey between the glass and the backing. This works but the finished product is not as appealing. It’s minimal labour and costs.
A properly framed jersey will have a deep profile frame to give that boxed look and allow space between the jersey/object as well as 1 or 2 top mats to enhance the look. 

How a great jersey should be presented and preserved.

How a great jersey should be presented and preserved.